While figuring out how to confess his love for Selena, Dylan soon realizes he’s alittle too late.


Dylena AU: Selena has been constantly updating her Instagram in Italy.


AU: Selena goes on Jimmy Kimmel and gushes about her and Dylan’s daughter, Leah Marie O’Brien.

The First Time dylena version

Dylan O’Brien and Selena Gomez

Dylan O’Brien and Selena Gomez

Dylan and Selena leaving a restaurant in Saint-Tropez after celebrating her birthday.

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Happy Birthday, Stella

in honor of it being Selena’s actual birthday :3

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o shit

setting the record straight

Oh look, the media casually blaming underaged girls for their unwilling involvement with adult men


you go girl

I don’t watch the show but I don’t care, this is AWESOME

I’m pretty sure they had this video deleted from youtube, because it used to be there, and then one day I was looking for it to show to someone, and it was nowhere to be found. It will however live on in gifs forever.

The blond chick is just leaning back grinning and the other girl is getting excited and then there’s just the dude in the middle going


"I fucked up."

The video wasn’t deleted from youtube, it’s still there X

Love her

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Scott your bouncing baby beta is a hot mess of anger management issues

Parrish is a Something with a capital S

Also, some of you may have heard the theory that everyone’s favorite deputy is secretly Camden Lahey in some form (They would be the same age). Lahey is an Irish name…


Peter is always smirking like he knows who ‘-A’ is. What the fuck dude say something.